Saturday, March 10, 2012

PARTIAL Blood Results

I hadn't written about the results yet because they won't all be in until Tuesday or Wednesday.  But since my thoughtful buddy Caitlin asked, here goes...

There was a message on my phone this week from my nurse.  I checked it {nervously}.  All good news: my ETA, RIP and NKA (the expensive tests that were sent off to Chicago) came back NEGATIVE.
I was thrilled and soon called my nurse back and said, "I got the good news!"  She said {ever so glumly}, "Yeah, but it still doesn't tell us anything about your failed cycle."  Then she got on to my for dragging my feet on the additional blood work.  WTF.  Seriously, lady?  I'm paying you big bucks to be my cheerleader.  AND I'm beginning to think less and less that this failure had anything to do with my body.

More results to come...


  1. No matter what your nurse said, I still think it's good news that you passed your first round of tests.

  2. Good news! Who knows why it didn't work...There are so many unexplained things in this world, Things we'll never be able to know for sure and this is one of them. How is your clinic's stats and success rates??

    1. Thawed Embryos From Non-Donor Oocytes:
      Number of transfers-->29 (in my <35 age range)
      Percentage of transfers resulting in live births-->51.7
      Average number of embryos transferred-->2.5

  3. Glad you got some good news!! We're hoping for more to follow!

  4. So happy for your good news! Although, I have to say, failed implantation with no reason is a would be so nice to have a reason so you can fix it! So hard when all is perfect. Hopefully the last cycle was a total fluke and this one will uield your perfect baby (or two!).

  5. Congrats on your good news! I think I'll just ignore your nurse. Really, did she think that was helpful? I hope the next set of results comes back soon with more good news.