Friday, June 22, 2012

Doppler FAIL Update

On Wednesday, my sweet friend (that waited 7 years for her IVF miracle!) brought over her doppler for me to use.  She's being induced a week from Monday and has no need for it any longer.  The second she left, I got comfortable on the couch and lubed up (sounds dirty).  5 minutes went by...10...15.  NOTHING.  I knew it had to be a piece of shit doppler or broken...naturally.  Where the hell were my babies?  I googled it a bit, read that these things don't work too well until 12 weeks or later and then shockingly got over it.

Yesterday morning, I tried again and was able to find one of my two babies  Like a crazy person, I tried again last night AND this heartbeat.  I couldn't find either of my babies.  I went into an anxiety tailspin and have been trying to calm down ever since.  I have determined that I loathe the doppler and have asked my husband to hide it from me.  It's definitely causing {what I hope is} unnecessary stress.  Has this happened to you or someone you know?

I'm laughing thinking many of you that have had success have had much less surface area to cover!!

UPDATE: after the encouragement below (thanks, ladies!!) I decided to give it one more shot.  It took me about 25 minutes to find one baby.  It was very low and about 1/2" to the right (from the center).  The doppler was giving me crazy ass results, so I counted the beats in 10 seconds and multiplied it by 6...168bpm!  I was SO relieved that I didn't even worry about finding the other kiddo (sorry, bud).

We have AT LEAST one heartbeat.

I'm still not sold on this thing AT ALL.  It's entirely too stressful.

I've read different things about whether or not fetal dopplers harm the baby.  What have you read?


  1. I have read so many posts just like your and the doppler. I cant say I wont use one if the time ever comes but they do seem to cause a lot of extra anxiety.

    Hope you are able to calm down and relax some :)

  2. I've never used a doppler. But I've heard they don't always work and make you panic for no reason.
    Hope you can relax some this weekend and calm down a bit

  3. I haven't tried a doppler yet, but I have read many stories like this. It's a good idea to hide it from yourself for another week :) It's really unlikely to have a miscarriage at this point and chances are the little guys are just hiding from you.

  4. I have used one, I'm 11 weeks. And like you panic set in after 15 minutes of not hearing the heartbeat.

    So many people have been trying to used them this past week and so far no one has been successful.
    I'm sad because I ordered the Sonaline one and now my husband said he is going ot hide it from me until the 3rd trimester.

    I am a thousand percent sure everything is fine with you...
    But I agree it does cause unwanted panic and stress.


  5. I didn't start using mine till closer to 13 weeks as I was terrified of not hearing a heart beat. When I first started using it it would take me a while to find it but eventually you start getting an idea of where your little one(s) like to hang out. Start out very, very low. I would usually find mine way down by my pubic bone and even way on the side (where I wouldn't think she could even fit). Maybe try to coordinate the next time you use it with a scheduled doctors appointment. The first few time I tried I did it the day before a scheduled appointment so in case I couldn't find a heartbeat, I didn't have long to wait for some reassurance. Also, don't get too caught up in the beats per minute reading, (if the doppler has that) often times the baby just doesn't stay still long enough for the doppler to get the reading right. For me... I just focused on the fact that there was a beating heart still there and didn't allow myself to stress over the numbers (which I see a bunch of other fellow bloggers panicking about). Anyway, I hope that helps. It does get better... at after about 14 weeks you hear it pretty consistently when trying. My doppler has been a lifesaver for me and my constant need for reassurance (currently 22 weeks). Good luck!

  6. I have been using mine since 15 weeks, at first I did not like it (same reasons), and now i am ok with it. The baby hates it so usually makes a run for it and I only get a few seconds. But at your point I wouldn't worry too much since it is still early. At 10w5d my Dr. couldn't find it. But at 11w5d he could. But even last time I went in - at 20 weeks he couldn't find it and had to pull out the ultrasound to find the baby before using the doppler. Give it some more time, it's still early. I have found mine every time since I got it (at 15 weeks) but sometimes it is hard to find and I have to be patient and look everywhere.

  7. Has your doctor been able to find it? I'm with Denise about going way lower than you think you need to. Try going near your public hair first and then working upward toward your navel, sweeping across your belly. Also, you might want to watch a few youtube videos on this, because it is easy to mistake the sound of an artery for a heartbeat. Also, only use medium pressure. When I push too hard, I can't hear the baby but when I ease up we find the heartbeat easier. YOU WILL FIND IT!

  8. I hate the Doppler. It never brings me anything but stress..... I recommend leaving well enough alone and calling your dr if your worried. Just my two cents!

  9. I am just turned 12 weeks and haven't had much success with mine. I find it and then lose it. Some days I only find MY heartbeat or some other random reading. Don't feel bad if you can't find them, the farther along you get, the more likely that you will hear something.

  10. I have a friend who had one, and her doctor finally told her to bring it in and leave it in the clinic until 24 weeks because it was causing her WAY too much anxiety. I did help her once at 30 weeks when she was having a minor freak out, and I think having someone else there helped her calm down by the time I found the heartbeat after about 10 minutes.

    My husband and I have been considering whether trying again is right for our family. When I was talking to my doctor about some options "if" and she told me that after having as many early miscarriages I have in the past, that keeping my stress as low as possible in the first trimester would be the key for me. He then gave me a list of six things not to do at all after I have a positive pregnancy test until I am 14-16 weeks, and the second one on the list was not to buy or borrow a doppler. ;-)

    I am not trying to be a downer, but maybe you could start a journal for your twins, and when you are worrying about them and want to go looking, you could write to them instead?

  11. It sounds like that doppler is a mixing blessing. I'm glad you kept checking and got your reassurance.

  12. Stopping by from ICLW. Can I just say that I LOVE your blog design? Its adorable.
    Best of luck to you on your journey - hope all is well with your babies!

  13. Hello from ICLW - best wishes to you with your babies. Hope you have a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy.

  14. I would have mixed feelings about a Doppler too.... wanting to hear a heartbeat but then super-stressed if I couldn't. Sorry that I'm so far behind on your news :( Thinking you and your husband for his upcoming surgery... glad you found a doc that you feel really comfortable with... and a support group. Love to you all xoxo

  15. I JUST read someone who went through the exact same thing.. Wish I could remember which blog it was! (Have spent the last couple of days looking at IF blogs for the first time like a mad woman, so there have been a lot).

    I have no experience with a doppler since I've never been that far along - but from what I've read from blogs so far, I'd say toss it, give it to someone else, light it on fire in your backyard, etc. ;)