Thursday, February 23, 2012

ICLW February

Hello visitors!!!  Happy ICLW.  You're catching me at a rather shitty time.  WELCOME.  Glad you're here, put up your feet and stay a while.  May I offer you a drink?  Well, I'm having one.

You see, if our first ever fresh IVF had worked, I'd be 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  My hubby and I just went through a "perfect cycle with imperfect results" and we're slowly recovering.  Gotta say, we were pretty cocky after we retrieved 22, 17 were mature, 17 fertilized and 2 perfect grade A blasts were {ever so smoothly} transferred in.  At 9dp5dt, I had my first blood test: BFN.  We were crushed.  We're regaining our strength and beyond grateful for the 10 snowbabies we have awaiting us.  We so desperately want to be their parents.  More info on our scheduled FET to come...

Thanks for stopping by!  I love writing and this blog is my "secret" outlet.  The true, empathetic support here is second to none.  I appreciate each and everyone of you.


  1. Take all the time you need to recooperate from this girl. In the meantime, we're here cheering for you and hoping for good things for those snowbabies!!!

  2. I still can't believe this. Here I was totally jealous of your perfect all went so great, how could it fail? wtf is wrong with this process? Speaking of which....hope your wtf went well and glad to hear you are working towards your little snowbabies. There is still time for a 2012 baby (or two!). xo.

  3. I love that you see this blog as your "secret" release -- me too. My blog is the one place I don't feel embarrassed to be so obsesses with my ovaries and how much I want to be a mom.

  4. So sorry about your BFN. We had a (shocking) BFN after our first IVF as well and I was CRUSHED. I hope you're able to heal and that your FET give you your BFP!!!

  5. I'm so sorry about your BFN. I'm really scared of that as I get ready for IVF #1.

    ICLW #6