Thursday, May 17, 2012

6 WEEKS!!!

I'm 6 weeks today.  CRAZY.  Each day that passes without spotting or trauma, is a big sigh of relief and one day closer....closer to my ultrasound (on the 30th) and closer to my potential take-home baby!

I don't have a ton of symptoms.  I have a few cramps here and there as if AF is on the way.  My boobs are huge (but don't hurt at all) and I scarcely fit into my bra.  I had some cystic acne but that's clearing up.  I'm exhausted and always trying to sneak in a nap.  I'm thirsty ALL OF THE DANG TIME for water only.  I feel hungry but food doesn't sound that good and my sense of smell is fairly sensitive.  Oh, and my dreams: they're vivid, crazy-ass dreams.  That's about it though...all manageable, and let's be honest...I'm thrilled to have symptoms.  Bring it on.

I'm obsessing over the idea of "showing".  I know that's awhile away but I still think about it a ton.  I told my hubby that I'd like to look 25 weeks pregnant the whole time...starting NOW.  I've been looking at maternity clothes too (as if I'll need them any moment).  HA!  I'm a little odd but I'm cool with it.


  1. Yay for six weeks and things going smoothly!

  2. You sound like a pregnant lady! I started browsing online for maternity clothes at about 6 weeks too, it's never too early to see what's out there!

  3. Nothing odd about wanting a belly... preggie bellies are gorgeous :)) xoxo

  4. Oh, I am so with you on wanting to need maternity clothes! I have a pudgy tummy now from the weight I gained during the 2 IVFs. It makes me very self concious, and I wish it would magically turn into a pregnancy belly.

    Congrats on being 6 weeks!

    1. I have pudgy tummy's the worst! We'll get to beautiful, round tummies before we know it :)

  5. I am not having many symptoms either. Huge boobs are a definate one along with bloating, thirst, and I'm hungry more often. But no nausea.
    I am grateful I am feeling relatively good.

  6. haha the crazy ass dreams...I get them all the time! it's crazy! You def sound pregnant! What is your due date?

  7. Hey from ICLW! Huge congrats on the BFP :) Such an exciting time for you!!

  8. Hello from ICLW. Congratulations! Hopefully you won't have morning sickness, I did and it was horrible but totally worth it!