Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Distractions REQUIRED

I'm learning that my usual come home from work and be a lazy couch potato routine isn't fitting in to my IVF cycle.  Normally, I want the evenings to be as L-O-N-G as possible but this countdown to retrieval is KILLING me.  I feel like I have 2 options: 1) go to bed as soon as I get home (5:00ish) so the next day arrives faster or 2) go to bed and wake up on February 16th (my first blood test).  Anyone?

My husband suggested home projects.  I suggested Dexter and Real Housewives marathons (nope...saving that up for post-transfer...yippee!).  So, projects won.  BOO.

We're currently refinishing our cabinets.  This could possibly be the worst project ever.  It's turning out quite nice though and actually distracting me for small amounts of time...GREAT success!  Painting, by the way, has potential to be extremely therapeutic.


  1. Real Housewives cures all. Kim is such a mess!

    1. Thanks for being my first member AND comment!

      And good God, that woman is crazy. Maybe someday Kyle will realize it too. She's too patient. I imagine I'd do the same for my sister...maybe.