Monday, January 16, 2012

LUPRON Injections

When we decided to try IVF, one thing stood out in my mind: injections (okay, okay...and retrieval, fertilization, transfer, implantation, a positive test, healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby...just stick with me).  Especially after the lovely syringes (of ALL shapes and sizes) arrived in the mail.  GULP.

I've never been too thrilled about shots.  I've always found that turning my head helps me get through them.  Bad news, turns out you can't turn your head when administering them to yourself (yes, I asked!!!).  It was worth a try...

I counted down the  moments until my first injection.  I was home alone and scared.  I even recorded myself on my iPhone (so my hubby could get the low-down when he got home).  I counted down from 5 and BOOM I was done!  It stung...but only a little.  Woohoo!!!  Great success.  In fact, I kicked shot ASS.

Afterward, I crawled into bed and cried...relieved/happy tears.  This shot would be the first of MANY to come...

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