Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EGGS on the Brain

With tomorrow (yes, tomorrow) being retrieval day, I can't stop thinking about eggs.

On my way to school this morning, I prayed that God would give me eggs for my birthday...never thought eggs would be on my birthday wish list.  Then I found myself bartering with God, "Alright God, how many are ya thinkin'?  I'm thinking at least 8-10.  In fact, if you give me 8-10, I promise to..."  yeah, there's not an ending.  I've got nothing.  Just a weird in-my-head conversation.

Guess what they were serving in the cafeteria for breakfast?  You guessed it...eggs.

I was also brainstorming word plays like EGGSellent, EGGStravagant, EGGSpert and EGGSercise.  Weird, right?

Basically, I see egg dreams in my future; that is, IF I can sleep.  Here's to a night of egg-less dreams and a morning of egg-filled follies.  Good luck to my retrieval buddies: Liz @ Compromised Fertility and Anasara @  Impregnable.  (All hands in the middle) 1...2...3...GO EGGS!


  1. Gooooo eggs!!! And here's to new dreams of babies :)

  2. Hope everything goes eggceptional tomorrow! I couldn't resist the temptation : )

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. Good luck and happy birthday! Hope retrieval treats you well.